The ‘Mental Health’ Mushroom

Improve your Focus, Mood and Memory. This fungi is a firecracker

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Benefits of Lion's Mane

Boost Your Brain

Boost your cognitive performance, reduce brain fog, get better focus and concentration, improve your memory and give your mental energy a kickstart

Better Mental Health

Reduce anxiety and depression, improve your mental health and live a calmer, happier life.

Stronger Immune System

Give your immune system a boost, reduce inflammation and give your body what it needs for optimal health.

Reduce Inflammation

Protect your body and brain, help prevent inflammatory disease and promote healthier cell regeneration.

Lion’s Mane

100% Natural. 100% Pure. 100% Power

  • Super-strength - 2 capsules are equivalent to 1800mg raw mushrooms.

  • Only 1 ingredient - 100% pure lion’s mane fruiting body.

  • Carefully cultured. Sustainably grown.

  • Grown, harvested and encapsulated in our own purpose built facility in the UK

  • Free UK delivery

  • 30 day money back guarantee

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Why choose us?

TwentyTwo Lion’s Mane
Higher Dosage
1800mg of hot water extract
Grown and harvested and encapsulated in the UK
Grown in China or Eastern Europe
Pure Mushroom Fruiting body nothing else
Extract with added fillers and bulking agents

Magical Mushrooms, but not 'Magic' Mushrooms

Non-hallucinogenic, non-psychedelic, safe and 100% legal.

Naturally packed full of powerful active ingredients such as beta-glucans, anti-inflammatories and neuron replenishing compounds, this brain-boosting nootropic can transform your mental and physical health.

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I used to suffer from brain fog and tiredness and then I came across the TwentyTwo’s Lions Mane which literally transformed my life. Within 4 days, the brain fog lifted and I had more energy.

Dermot O'Grady

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