At TwentyTwo, accessible through, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in all our business dealings. Our Code of Ethics serves as a guide to the professional and ethical standards expected of everyone within the company, from our senior leadership team to our newest employees. It reflects our commitment to operating responsibly, with integrity, respect, and in compliance with all applicable laws.


Ethical Principles

Our business is built on a foundation of trust, honesty, and integrity. We expect all members of the TwentyTwo family to adhere to these principles in every aspect of their work. This means conducting business fairly and transparently, ensuring that all interactions are professional and respectful, and that confidentiality is maintained at all times.


Responsibility and Accountability

We all have a responsibility to uphold the values and standards set out in this Code of Ethics. Accountability rests with each individual to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects TwentyTwo's commitment to ethical excellence. This includes being aware of and compliant with all laws and regulations that affect our business, and avoiding any activities that could harm the reputation or operational success of the company.


Respect and Fairness

Respect for one another is at the heart of our business. We are committed to creating a workplace where everyone is treated with dignity and fairness, and where diversity is embraced and valued. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


Conflicts of Interest

We strive to avoid conflicts of interest in our business dealings. This means being mindful of personal and professional relationships that could interfere with our ability to make objective decisions in the best interest of TwentyTwo. Transparency is key, and any potential conflicts should be disclosed and managed appropriately.


Protecting Company Assets

The assets of TwentyTwo, whether physical, intellectual, or digital, are vital to our success. It is our collective responsibility to protect these assets from loss, theft, misuse, or waste. This includes respecting the intellectual property rights of others and ensuring that information is handled securely and with care.


Compliance and Reporting

Compliance with this Code of Ethics, as well as all applicable laws and regulations, is non-negotiable. We encourage open communication and expect all employees to report any concerns or violations of this code without fear of retaliation. We are committed to investigating all reported issues thoroughly and taking necessary action to address them.


Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to ethics and integrity is ongoing. We will regularly review and update our Code of Ethics to reflect changes in laws, regulations, and best practices, ensuring that we continue to meet the high standards we set for ourselves and that others expect of us.



This Code of Ethics is more than just a set of guidelines; it is a reflection of our culture and values at TwentyTwo. By embracing and living by these principles, we foster a positive working environment and build a company that we can all be proud of.