What Are The Potential Side Effects of Lion's Mane?

What happens if you take Lion’s Mane over a long period of time? And what happens if you just take it for a short time? We understand that people want to know the type of results to expect from both short-term and long-term use and whether or not any side effects could occur.

Lion's Mane is a popular medicinal mushroom, typically used in traditional Chinese medicine, that can be consumed in different ways. A popular way of consuming Lion's Mane is by taking supplements, such as capsules.

Both easy and convenient to use, Lion's Mane supplements offer a simple way to take this powerful mushroom, but some prefer incorporating fresh Lion's Mane mushrooms into their diet.

When you start taking a medicinal mushroom such as Lion’s Mane, we understand that you want to know how to get the most out of it. You also want to know what to expect in the future, particularly if there are any worrying side effects of Lion’s Mane.

So, you might be wondering, is Lion’s Mane safe? The good news is that this wonder-shroom is super-safe for both long-term and short-term use. When it comes to Lion’s Mane side effects, you don’t need to worry. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy the potential health benefits of Lion's Mane without any stress!


How Long Should You Take Lion’s Mane Mushrooms for?

No matter how often we shout it from the mountaintops, some people still don’t know how clever Lion’s Mane is. There are many benefits of taking Lion’s Mane.

If this super-smart-shroom was a student, it would be getting the highest marks and skipping a year. That’s because it has both short-term and long-term effects when taken consistently and at the right dosage.

On top of that, no evidence has been found that you can experience negative side effects from taking Lion’s Mane, either for a short time or for a longer-term (win, win!).

The reason you should be thinking about making this special mushroom a permanent part of your day is that you’ll get even more out of it. It’s not only completely safe but highly beneficial to take lion’s mane mushrooms every day.

Long-term benefits of Lion’s Mane, like their ability to fight diabetes and alleviate symptoms of Parkinson’s, could potentially be improved the longer you use this mushroom.


Short-Term Benefits

  • Improved energy after a couple of days
  • Reduced anxiety and better focus after two to five days
  • Reduction in inflammation after five days

Long-Term Benefits

  • Reap long-term benefits only by using it for months or years
  • Improved memory
  • Nerve cell regeneration
  • Balanced blood sugar levels
  • Reduce inflammation for good


The Mental Health Mushroom

Effects on Cognitive Function

Who doesn’t have trouble with their brain now and again? From memory problems to focus issues, we’ve all been there, and we understand the difficulties these can cause which is why we want to help.

You may be struggling with more than the average amount of brain fog because of a diagnosed problem or lifestyle factor. Either way, Lion’s Mane mushroom is there to help whether you want to take it for a few weeks or a few years.

Studies have shown that in just 12 weeks you’ll see the big effects, like recognition memory and spatial awareness.

If you’re seeing age-related cognitive decline (thinking or memory problems to us non-scientists), you can start seeing an improvement in mild symptoms from just four weeks.

Of course, if you want to see these results become more potent and remain, you need to consider taking these powerful fungi as a long-term aid.

Inflammation & Oxidative Stress

What does inflammation and oxidative stress mean? Well, these things are usually the background bug in your system causing all kinds of havoc, from digestive issues to chronic diseases.

There haven't been any detailed studies yet on how long it takes Lion’s Mane mushrooms to produce their anti-inflammatory effects in your body. However, some evidence suggests taking it for at least four weeks can let you start seeing the benefits of Lion's Mane.

The crucial thing to remember here, and for all of the benefits, is that the time it takes for Lion’s Mane to have a full effect will depend on the severity of your condition as well as the dosage you’re taking.

Don’t expect a miraculous result if you take five grams for a week. Take it slow and test out what works best for you in the long term.


Diabetes probably isn’t the first thing you’d think a mushroom supplement could help with. But give this mighty mushy some credit. Research has suggested that Lion’s Mane mushroom powder takes just four to six weeks to improve blood sugars and regulate the amount of insulin produced in people with diabetes.

That means by taking a simple supplement, these people saw a clear decrease in something called serum glucose levels, which is basically how much sugar is floating around in your blood.

It also levelled out the amount of insulin their pancreas produced, meaning their sugar levels weren’t fluctuating so often. For a diabetic person, these results could be life-changing.


There’s nothing wrong with being bigger, but if you’re struggling with obesity and unmanageable weight gain, Lion’s Mane could be your go-to guy.

Taken orally as a powder, Lion’s Mane could potentially reduce the amount of fat your body accumulates, according to an animal study. At the same time, it can balance out your bad cholesterol levels, keeping you healthier for longer.

However, be prepared to take this supplement for a longer period, because these effects were noted after 28 days, giving the mushroom’s chemical properties time to do their work.

At the same time, Lion’s Mane can help with the issues that sometimes go along with obesity, such as high blood pressure, arthritis and nerve pain or damage. Within about four weeks, you can start seeing these effects too.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Sadly, Alzheimer’s and dementia are potentially long-term diseases, so long-term doses of Lion’s Mane are needed. Since it’s a complicated issue that affects your brain function in all sorts of ways, Lion’s Mane needs a little longer to fight these symptoms to improve your brain health.

However, just one gram of Lion’s Mane taken daily for 49 weeks has been shown to improve brain function test scores taken by people with mild Alzheimer’s.

Since this disease is so prevalent and unforgiving, we’re glad little ol’ Lion’s Mane can be so powerful in the face of these symptoms.

Stomach Ulcers

Ulcers who? Scientific research has proved that Lion’s Mane mushroom is one of the best mushrooms for your overall gut health. Studies show that in two to four weeks of taking fruiting body supplements, you’ll even be able to fight off potential stomach ulcers.

Stomach ulcers are often caused by conditions like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, and sometimes even your dietary choices if you’re naturally more likely to get ulcers in your tummy.

Luckily, in 2016 a study gave individuals diagnosed with these kinds of conditions a Lion’s Mane supplement (and not even a very strong one).

The results show that everyone saw a significant reduction in their symptoms and noted an improvement in their general quality of life within just three weeks; pretty cool for a little shroom.


Are There No Negative Side Effects?

It’s true; you can take Lion’s Mane long-term with no negative side effects. In fact, you’ll only start seeing more potent Lion's Mane health benefits and more reliable results. Make the most of your mind with medicinal mushrooms, and get on the path to a better, healthier life!

According to all its studies, this mushroom is safe when used responsibly in moderate quantities. Animal studies don’t show us any adverse effects even at high doses either. The use of Lion’s Mane is already hugely popular in Asian countries, and all for good reason.

So, if you’d like to get started with Lion’s Mane and try high-quality supplements containing only active fruiting bodies (the real mushroom and not just the roots) with no nasty fillers, check out our Lion’s Mane capsules at TwentyTwo.

Our capsules are fully vegan and suitable for all individuals. We encourage you to reap the benefits that Lion’s Mane has to offer. The potential effects Lion's Mane mushroom products have to offer are incredibly beneficial.

We recommend taking Lion's Mane mushroom supplements daily; our capsules are sold in packs of 30 and 60, perfect to keep you stocked up until your next order!

Feed Your Brain With Lion's Mane

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