Natural Stimulants: The Boost That’s Good For You

Tired of always feeling tired? If you’re hoping to cut back on caffeine or looking for a plant-based method for boosting energy, you’re in luck.

Natural stimulants can be the pick-me-up you need during a long shift or the little helper to get you through your dissertation. The best part? There are so many to choose from, each with its own benefits - minus the jitters and energy crashes!

Ginkgo Biloba, The Time-Tested Energiser

We’re starting strong with an ancient energy-giver, the Ginkgo Biloba. This is an extract that comes from the rather beautiful leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba tree. People have been using it medicinally for thousands of years. It really is the OG of natural stimulants.

What makes it worth using for a thousand years, you ask? It all comes down to two really weird words - flavonoids and terpenoids. Ginkgo contains these super powerful antioxidants that act like tiny warriors when ingested, getting to work against oxidative stress.

That feeling of being drained and fatigued after a long day? That’s usually down to oxidative stress, at least in part. That’s where Ginkgo Biloba can come and free you of those troublesome free radicals.

And did you know that Ginkgo will give your brain some free love, too? Research suggests it can protect your brain against cognitive impairment and support normal brain function. So Ginkgo and your brain will get along just fine while you’re powering through your day at top speed.

Once your day’s done, Ginkgo doesn’t stop helping you there. This extract can improve sleep quality, giving you the energy to wake up refreshed and recharged the next day. There isn’t a wellness spa on earth that can do all that for you!

Cordyceps Mushroom, Nature’s Oxygen Booster

Now, this one is truly fascinating. This mushroom type grows on the larvae of insects and takes over their bodies, sprouting out of them and taking them for a spin while they continue to grow. You might be more familiar with this natural stimulant’s more popular name - the zombie mushroom! 

No, we’re not recommending you take Cordyceps so that you’ll become a zombie, and the mushroom overlords can take over the world… probably. 

In reality, this incredibly smart mushroom can be totally safe and totally helpful! These tiny mushrooms can help relieve and even prevent fatigue. You see, Cordyceps have a special talent for helping your body utilise oxygen better.

Taking Cordyceps is like getting an oxygen boost when you need it most, giving you the power boost you need (we hope you’re imagining the nitro scene in Fast & Furious, too). 

As if that wasn’t enough for Cordyceps to become the cool kid and get rid of its ‘weird zombie kid’ label, it also helps with inflammation. This mushroom can suppress particular proteins that increase inflammation, letting your body say goodbye to fatigue and hello to feeling fabulous. All thanks to one fun-gi.


Rhodiola Rosea, The Herb Of Endurance

Say you’re out with friends playing football or on the treadmill hitting your new speed goal. Suddenly, you start to feel like you’re dragging your feet. That familiar sense of hitting ‘the wall’ sets in, and you’re exhausted. 

In an alternative universe, you’ve taken Rhodiola Rosea, and you’re still going strong and have no plans to stop. How is this possible?

Well, they call Rhodiola the endurance herb for a reason. It gives you the stamina to just keep on truckin’. It’s so potent that it’s used in traditional medicine all around the world for its fatigue-fighting powers, especially since it can increase alertness and improve overall endurance. 

But true to its nickname, ‘the endurance herb’ just doesn’t stop. It can also help alleviate your mental fatigue by improving brain function. So not only does it keep your body going, but it also keeps your mind sharp, too. 

So if you’re an athlete, a gym bunny, a runner or a football fan, Rhodiola should be your natural stimulant herb of choice.

Guarana, Caffeine Who?

Okay, we know, we know, coffee is life. But what if you had another option? A better option? Well, Guarana is your guy. 

Guarana is often found in energy drinks because it’s such an effective natural stimulant. It’s packed with caffeine, giving you that familiar boost, but its powerful effects don’t end there. Guarana brings extra energy-boosting magic with saponins and tannins. 

This means that it doesn’t just give you energy on the go; it also helps with brain function. A recent study found that taking a dose of 75mg of Guarana can markedly improve your memory and alertness. 

But before you go chugging Guarana by the pint, a word of caution. While it’s relatively safe to take as a stimulant, some people have reported that large doses give them anxiety and an increased heart rate. So, just as with everything in life, moderation is the key.

L-Theanine, Green Tea Gangster

Oh, green tea, you tranquil, soothing drink. But why exactly is it so calming? Well, it’s all down to the powerhouse behind the zen facade - L-Theanine. This amino acid is found in green tea leaves and is often overlooked as a natural stimulant.

It creates a uniquely relaxed yet alert mental state, keeping you ready for anything. Think of it as yoga for your brain. 

Studies have shown that L-Theanine can improve your focus and make it easier to pay attention. So don’t skimp on the green tea if you’re a student or teacher! Now, for those who have high anxiety, L-Theanine could be your new best friend. Another study found that this friendly amino acid can even improve attention and reaction times in people with anxiety symptoms. 

But remember, L-Theanine is still a stimulant, even if it is natural. Those who are pregnant or nursing should consult with their doctor first to avoid any kind of side effects like headaches or sleepiness.

Lion’s Mane, Unleashing Your Inner Energy

Last, but the opposite of least, we have the king of natural stimulants, his majesty, the Lion’s Mane.

This powerful and effective mushroom mage is a cell superhero. It provides you with heaps of antioxidants that can support your overall cellular health. It also reduces the amount of lactic acid that can build up in your blood. Since lactic acid is one of the main culprits for fatigue (especially after exercising), having Lion’s Mane on your side can keep the post-workout sleepies from taking hold.

And that’s not all that Lion’s Mane has up its mycelium sleeves. It has the power to promote glycogen content in your tissues (in your body, not your Kleenex). This gives you the effect of having better energy resources when you need it - think of it as a battery pack for your bod.

Best of all, Lion’s Mane doesn’t cause the same kind of shakes or anxiety common with other natural stimulants. In fact, it gets to work quickly, crossing your blood-brain barrier to protect your brain, promote mental wellbeing and support the immune system all in one fell swoop. 

So, if you’re hoping to find a pick-me-up that will help your body in the long run and not hinder it, add Lion’s Mane to your online shopping list.

Natural Stimulants In Your Daily Routine

Now that you know all about these fantastic and science-backed natural stimulants, it’s time to put them to the test. You can try these out for yourself and discover the ultimate energy-boosting concoction for your lifestyle.

But the critical thing to remember is that a natural stimulant should help you combat the problems of fatigue and brain fog at its root. If you’d like to see what Mother Nature can do for you, start with high-quality supplements like our Lion’s Mane mushroom capsules here.


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