Mushroom Of Youth: How Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Can Turn Back The Clock

There’s nothing wrong with ageing; it’s a sign of life! But there’s no hiding from the fact that it’s nice to feel and look a little younger, getting more out of your body and making every moment count.

So, if you’d like to skip to the mirror one day soon and find your skin with more spring, it could be medicinal mushrooms that put a pep in your step. 

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are the natural remedy for slowing down the ageing process, so forget ageing gracefully and embrace ageing stealthily with these health-hacking shrooms.

What Influences Ageing?

The age-old question of the ticking clock is, what factors actually contribute to ageing? Before we dig deep into the mycelial details of Lion’s Mane mushrooms, you should know what exactly Lion’s Mane is fighting against when it comes to ageing. 


If your body were a fancy sports car, you’d want to keep it running right for as long as possible, right? To do that, you’d fill up with the best quality fuel to protect your engine and make sure you’re running on the good stuff. 

Your nutritional choices are just like that fuel choice, which means a poor diet is also like choosing to fill your expensive sports car’s tank with vegetable oil. Except for you, no veg means no vroom.

Processed foods, excessive sugars and too much of the wrong fats cause inflammation and - you guessed it - faster ageing. So, load up on those vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, and you’ll be slowing down the ageing process while maintaining your inner engine.

Stress & Emotions:

Boo! Now, that might not have upped your stress levels much, but daily life can do that for you. Chronic stress has been studied as one of the ultimate ageing accelerators. When your body experiences stress, it releases hormones that trigger inflammation and break down collagen and elastin in your skin, which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. 

Finding natural ways to manage stress is one of the best ways to put a pause on the wrinkle process and keep the bounce in your body for longer.

Environmental Toxins:

Just like Britney Spears was trying to tell us all those years ago, the world we live in can be toxic. You deal with everything from UV radiation from the sun damaging your DNA to air pollutants from traffic wreaking havoc on connective tissue. 

Toxins overload your body, making it difficult to get all the bad stuff out of your system and forcing your detoxification organs to work overtime. 

This ultimately causes higher levels of inflammation (a big factor in ageing) as well as creating more harmful free radicals. So protecting your skin and your body on the outside and the inside is crucial for staying well, not just young.

Exercise & Activity:

Exercise isn’t all about the scales or your new personal weight-lifting record. Moving your body in any way you can is a powerful anti-ageing tool, supporting muscle and bone health as well as keeping your cardiovascular and immune system in ship shape.

Sitting around all day every day is your one-way ticket to ageing quicker than an unrefrigerated tomato. 


Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking:

It should be no surprise that consuming alcohol, drugs and smoking will fast-track your body’s ageing. 

All of the above increase toxin levels dangerously, increase inflammation and cause cell damage. Smoking is an especially bad habit if you want to turn back the clock on ageing. It generates a cocktail of chemicals that your body has to work hard to counteract and get rid of, leading to deeper wrinkles and a whole host of more serious health issues than smile lines!

Want to combat this? Stay hydrated, support your liver and do your best to help your body detoxify. 

Sleep Issues:

Do you skimp on sleep? Maybe stay up a few hours later than you should to get things done? Fair enough, but consistent sleep debt means you’re hitting the fast-forward button on ageing.

Sleep is essential for cell growth, and lower cell growth means more dying cells and lower regeneration, which leads to poor skin health. Spots and wrinkles might start to become more frequent foes if you can’t catch those Zs. 

Make sure you’re doing your best to get the sleep you need and move those late-night tasks to the next day when you can.

The Star Of The Healthy Ageing Show: Lion’s Mane

If you’re feeling a little on edge after reading all those ageing factors, wondering if a lifestyle overhaul is needed, take a breath and think shrooms.

Not the psychedelic kind, the scientifically proven medicinal type. 

Lion’s Mane is nature’s anti-ageing secret, slowing down the process by boosting your health in a myriad of ways. This remarkable fungus has three important properties that are hugely effective at holding back the hands of time. Lion’s Mane decreases inflammation, acts as an antioxidant and stimulates your immune system. It’s like Lion’s Mane was created specifically to help you age healthily!

Here’s how this mushroom king works against the effects of ageing…

Liver Function

Coming to the rescue for your liver, Lion’s Mane has been shown to effectively protect your liver against chemically induced damage. It can also reduce the damage caused by alcohol exposure, lowering dangerous levels of enzymes like AST, ALT and MDA in your blood.

Fighting Fatigue

Tired all the time? Forget the espresso and inevitable energy crash. Lion’s Mane has been shown to increase tissue glycogen content and reduce fatigue markers in the blood. This means you can get a health-helping energy booster straight from the mushroom kingdom.

Healthy Ageing 

Lipofuscin is a waste product that accumulates as a result of cell degeneration and ageing. Lion’s Mane contains something called polysaccharides, which massively reduces lipofuscin, as well as increasing good enzymes!

Skin Health 

Crow’s feet and blotchy, tired skin? Enhance antioxidant enzymes and increase collagen levels with the polysaccharides in Lion’s Mane. 

Bone Density 

It’s not all about appearances! Polysaccharides from this shroom have been shown to improve bone density and overall strength, protecting your body where it really matters so you don’t start creaking like an old door every time you stand up.

Circadian Rhythm

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep and waking up, Lion’s Mane might be the solution. The powerful component of this mushroom supports the sleep-wake cycle and decreases wakefulness during the sleep process. 

Antioxidant Help 

Lion’s Mane is fighting for you from the inside out, and it starts with the battle against oxidative stress. Lion’s Mane has been found to have antioxidant activity equal to quercetin, a well-known antioxidant superstar.

Brain Ageing 

Your brain needs some of the love, too. Lion’s Mane can improve cognitive function and can even protect your neurons from damage.

Bringing The Science To Shrooms

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of Lion’s Mane mushrooms, it’s time to go beyond the myths of this mushroom. It’s always helpful to separate myth from reality, even when this magical mushy seems like it has powers straight from a fairytale.

Protecting Your Liver & Brain

A 2022 study investigated the liver and brain-protective effects of Lion’s Mane extracts. It found that Lion’s Mane has a significant impact, keeping your liver and brain safe from toxins and damage maintaining your overall health for a more youthful feeling.

Targeting Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugars are a big piece in the puzzle of ageing. Research suggests that Lion’s Mane can regulate blood sugar levels, which makes sense given their high fibre content. This effect also protects the pancreas, liver and kidneys so you can achieve your optimal metabolic health while you age.

Free Radical Scavenging

Oxidative stress, the flames in the fire of ageing, has met its match with Lion’s Mane. With its free radical scavenging properties, this shroom can significantly reduce oxidative stress, putting out the fire of ageing.

Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Alzheimer’s is a difficult condition that affects millions worldwide, causing cognitive and physical decline. Lion’s Mane has been shown to have anti-dementia activity in both animals and humans with mild cognitive problems due to Alzheimer’s.

This mighty mushroom combats the reduction of a chemical that aids in nerve cell communication. It can also help prevent the loss of spatial and visual recognition memory, as well as protecting the neurons in the brain overall. These findings hold promise for anyone seeking ways to support the brain as they age. 

Parkinson’s Disease Research

Parkinson’s is another disease that causes neurodegeneration, leading to issues with mobility and physical function. Lion’s Mane treatment was shown in one study to reduce the loss of important cells and movement abilities. It suggests that Lion’s Mane could potentially slow the progression of this disease.

Nerve Regeneration

Lion’s Mane is a brain health superhero, but it can do more. It also has a profound effect on nerve growth and regeneration all the way through your body. This could offer benefits for various health conditions that involve nerve damage.

A Growing Body Of Evidence For Lion’s Mane…

There’s so much science backing up the anti-ageing powers of Lion’s Mane mushrooms. From protecting the liver and brain to balancing blood sugars and reducing oxidative stress, this clever mushroom seems to have a few tricks up its sleeves when it comes to ageing. 

Whether you’re looking to reduce wrinkles or boost your brain and body power as time goes by, try out Lion’s Mane supplements and get the surge you need to stay youthful, body and mind.


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